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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report


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  • In Aklan, total palay area harvested was 1,197 hectares, of which 202 hectares were irrigated and 995 hectares were rainfed. Total corn area harvested was 59 hectares, nine (9) hectares were white and 50 hectares were yellow corn. Planting of palay has started in 9,135 hectares, of which 4,960 hectares were irrigated areas and 4,175 hectares were rainfed areas.
  • Land preparation and planting for both irrigated and rainfed palay areas were noted in Antique due to moderate rains induced by "low pressures". About 10,630 hectares of irrigated areas and 13,201 of rainfed areas were planted.
  • In Capiz, palay harvesting for the quarter was almost complete with a slight increase in production due to absence of calamity. On the other hand, planting for the next season was about 90 percent complete as weather remained favorable.
  • Standing palay crop in Guimaras showed sign of vigorous growth due to favorable weather, especially the occurrence of rains during the vegetative stage. Spraying of herbicides and insecticides as well as application of fertilizer were the common activities noted. On-going massive land preparation for the first cropping season was also observed.
  • There was massive land preparation in irrigated and rainfed palay areas in Negros Occidental. Planting of corn was on-going. Likewise, vigorous growth of sugarcane, vegetables and other crops was attributed to frequent rains.
  • The Guimaras Mango Growers Cooperative was able to export some 2.8 mt. of carabao mango to Australia early this month. This was part of the initial commitment of 5.0 mt. for year 2011 which can hopefully increased to 50 mt. starting next year.
  • In Iloilo, about 1,500 squash seedlings were planted to an area of 2.3 hectares farm. Likewise, 1,000 marcotted calamansi were newly planted in Zarraga. About 40 hectares of newly planted sugarcane were reported in the towns of San Enrique, Passi, Batad and Duenas. About 10 hectares of corn farms were planted to sugarcane this cropping year.
  • In Iloilo, harvesting of peanut in a 10 hectare-farm produced 4,900 kilograms.
  • Aklan was still importing cattle and hog for slaughter from the provinces of Antique and Iloilo. Likewise, dressed chicken and chicken eggs were supplied by Capiz and Iloilo.
  • In Iloilo, the Sta. Barbara Abattoir slaughtered 52 head of carabaos, 100 head of cattle, and 669 head of hogs with a carcass weight of 4,575, 6,340, and 31,200 kilograms, respectively.
  • There was an improved production in marine fishery due to fair weather condition which favored fishing activities. There was sufficient supply of tuna, scads and other in-season species in Aklan.
  • In Antique, 843 kilograms of fresh seaweeds were harvested in an area of 23 hectares at Barangay Imba and Sibato Island in Caluya, Antique.
  • Abundance of marine fisheries was noted in Capiz as the weather became favorable. APAMI continued to attract more bangus suppliers - 10 pieces to 1 kilogram at P45 per kilogram. Locally made APAMI assorted canned sardines/bangus are now available in the local supermarkets.
  • In Iloilo, a commercial fishing boat unloaded 10,000 kilograms of roundscad (Tamodios) in Miag-ao Landing Center. Pier Botongon, another fishing boat unloaded 50 bañeras (30 kilograms/bañera) of Aguma-a(Indo-Pacific Mackerel), 10 bañeras Karaho (Lizardfish), and 15 bañeras sapsap (slipmouth). These unloadings were shipped via RORO going to Bacolod City.
  • Lesser unloadings were observed in the different municipal fish landing centers of Guimaras due to weather disturbances. Rough seas discouraged municipal fishermen to go out fishing
  • In Iloilo, 15 units of motorized fishing boats unloaded 8 mt. of hairtail at Cabasi Landing Center with farmgate price of P 100.00/kilogram. Meanwhile, 10 motorized fishing boats unloaded 15 mt. of fimbriated sardines at Baras Landing Center. Moreover, 1.2 mt. of catfish were harvested in a 0.10-hectare of fishpond at Tungay, Sta. Barbara. In Carles, 3.5 mt. of bangus were harvested from 12 hectares fishpond.
  • In Negros Occidental, more unloadings of both commercial and municipal marine fish species such as moontail bullseye (Bucao-bucao) , threadfin bream and Indian mackerel was noted during the reference period specifically. Aquaculture species like bangus and tilapia were moderately available in different market outlets
  • In Antique, trading of animals was moderate at the Livestock Auction Market. Carabao was quoted at a price range of P54.00 to P60.00; cattle, P65.00 to P74.00; goat, P95.00 to P110.00; and hog, P84.00 to P90.00 per kilogram. Likewise, sufficient supply of leafy vegetables like camote tops, kangkong, gabi with stalk and lupo was favored by moderate rains. Banana and mango were also abundant in the market.
  • Prices of various commodities remained at normal levels in Capiz. Rice supply in the province was sufficient as evidenced by stocks inventoried as follows: Household- 249,865 sacks; NFA-281,240; Millers-73,308; Wholesalers-49,902; and Retailers-41,628.
  • Limited supply of habitchuelas was observed at the Jordan Food Terminal Market in Guimaras. Supply came from Iloilo City and was sold at P80.00 to P100.00 per kilogram from last month's price of P60.00-P70.00.
  • At Iloilo Auction Market, Passi City, the liveweight prices of hog for slaughter slightly decreased against last month's record at P88.00-P92.00 to P85.00-P88.00 per kilogram.
  • In Negros Occidental, price of palay fresh from the thresher ranged from P11.00 to P13.00 per kilogram.
  • A total of 1,097 bags of certified palay seeds under the Agri Pinoy Rice Program was distributed throughout the province of Aklan through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist while 4,045 kilograms of subsidized hyrid palay seeds were distributed under the rice hybridization program of the provincial government.
  • The provincial government together with the Provincial Veterinary Office of Negros Occidental turned over 10,588 farm animals, 9,860 Kabir chicks, 451 piglets, 208 upgraded does, 20 cocks, 41 grimaud and dominant CZ chicks, 2 gilts, 3 boer bucks and 3 kids to breeding centers, farmers, and other recipients identified by the LGU. This was a continuing project of LGU Negros Occidental to address food security and livelihood program in the province.
  • Moreover, on-going vaccination activities were observed in some provinces in Western Visayas: in Antique, 30 head of hogs were vaccinated against Hog Cholera by AT Livestock of Pandan, LGU and 60 head of carabao, 221 head of cattle and 112 head of goats were dewormed.
  • LGU Sibalom, Antique dispersed 43 piglets to backyard raisers with total acquisition cost of P98,900.00 and was financed by Sibalom LGU. Two (2) head of carabull from the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) were dispersed to two (2) recipients of Barangays Lambayagan and Imparayan, Sibalom, Antique.
  • The Roxas City government in Capiz initiated improvements of the Teodoro Arcenas Trade Center (Bagong Lipunan), as new structure is being put up at the vegetables section.
  • The Office of the Iloilo Provincial Agricuturist established a vermiculture project in Lambunao. The project was managed by an Organic Farming Awardee, Domingo Sobremesana. LGU Cabatuan spearheaded the launching of cash to work program for the indigents. The indigents were paid to work for the following activities such as vegetable gardening, cleaning of canals/irrigation canal, and planting of trees in their respective barangays. They were paid P233.00 per day for 11 days. On the other hand, BFAR Region VI initiated the installation of 86 fish enhancement devices (payao) in Batad town.
  • The rehabilitation of Jordan wharf in Jordan, Guimaras was nearing completion. The project was being funded from the PDAF of Guimaras Congressman JC Rahman A. Nava at a cost of P12 million. The work included construction of the multi-purpose pavement, widening of the wharf, construction of multi-purpose building and passenger shed. Jordan wharf is the major and one of the most utilized wharfs in the province. The completion of the project will not only facilitate easier travel for tourist and local residents but also the transport of agricultural products from the province and farm inputs from nearby Iloilo City.
  • A P5-million provincial government owned Feeds and Meat Laboratory was inaugurated in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental recently. The laboratory will enable the random analysis of feeds sold for farm animals use, for nutrient content and also to determine the quality and safety of meat being sold. It will also be used for research to develop locally produced feeds and to conduct soil and fertilizer analysis for sugar industry.
  • About 2,000 propagules and wildlings (mangrove) were planted recently by the 150 participants during the Environment Month Celebration observed in Pontevedra, Negros Occidental.
  • A one-day training on Modified Extensive Tilapia Culture was conducted at the office of LGU - Sibalom and was participated in by 20 farmer-beneficiaries. This was conducted by BFAR in coordination with the DA-LGU.
  • The regular monthly meeting of the Provincial Agricultural and Fishery Council (PAFC) was held last May 25, 2011 at the Conference Room, CAVES Bldg., San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras. The meeting was attended by the regular members of the council, both from the private and government sector. Among the agenda discussed was the approval of the previous minutes of the meeting; Matters arising from the previous minutes; Report re: International Food Exposition 2011; Reports/updates of Implementation of LEAD 2000 Phase II projects; and Reports of MAFCs.
  • Twenty-two (22) agricultural extension workers from Negros Occidental, Iloilo and Antique participated in the live-in training on Sustainable Rice Production at the Integrated Correctional Agricultural Technology Center in Bago City, Negros Occidental. The training aimed to equip technical competencies in rice production and in facilitating the farmers' field schools.
  •  The Regional Training Course on Agricultural Marketing Information System (AGMARIS) was conducted last May 30 to June 4, 2011 at the Pavillon Resort Hotel and Restaurant, Bacolod City. This was participated in by the RASO and RS of ROC-6, all PASOs , Market Reporters (MRs), APASOs, PPOs, of the POCs of Negros Occidental , Iloilo City, Capiz, Aklan, Antique and Guimaras. The last day of the training was graced by Director Romeo S. Recide with SOCD Chief, Ms. Ratelieta T. Millendez as facilitator for the interaction with the Director.
  • In Aklan, 31 participants in the Season-Long Farmers' Field School on IPM Vegetables graduated in Cortes, Balete. Graduation on Season-Long FFS on Corn was also held in Rizal, Ibajay with also 31 participants/graduates.
  • In support to APAMI, the DTI constantly conducted Seafood Processing Seminar among fishermen/fishpond operators in Roxas City, Capiz.
  • Three (3) batches of Agri-Pinoy Briefing and Teknolink training were conducted last May 6, 10 and May 12, 2011 at the municipal covered court of Patnongon, Barbaza and Laua-an, in Antique attended by 200 participants each batch (farmers, Agricultural Extension Workers and partner agencies). These were undertaken by the ATI in coordination with OPA, DA-RFU 6, PhilRice, NIA, DAR, DENRO, NFA, PCA, NGO and LGU-Patnongon.
  • Agri-Pinoy Briefing and Teknokliniks for Extension Workers were held recently through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist in Negros Occidental and was attended by more than 500 farmers from San Enrique, Valladolid and Pulupandan. The training provided avenues for farmers to inquire solutions for problems in their farms and how to get recommendations from concerned agencies. Farmers were given updates on sustainable organic agriculture, ecological pest management and control, soil fertility and structure, maximized bio-diversity on farms, rice farming technologies, food security, El Niño and La Niña phenomenon, and livestock raising technologies.
  • Generally, fair weather was observed in the region during the first half of the reference period. However, cloudy skies with scattered light to heavy rainshowers and thunderstorms were experienced towards the end of the month especially with the occurrence of weather disturbances.
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