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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report

WESTERN VISAYAS: November, 2011

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  • Total palay area planted in Aklan reached 3,432 hectares, of which 1,280 hectares were irrigated and 2,152 hectares were rainfed. Corn area planted during the period was 68 hectares, 71% of which were yellow and 29% were white corn.
  • In Antique, 3.50 hectares of irrigated palay areas in Sibalom were converted into a Cockpit Arena which covered 1.0 hectare while a Transportation Terminal was constructed in the remaining 2.5 hectares.
  • Long heavy rains on November 14 and 15, 2011 caused flash floods in Capiz that threatened standing crops; however, damage may not be alarming since palay crops were already on vegetative stage. Moreover, floods subsided in about 24 hours.
  • In most part of Iloilo, palay farmers were still busy on land preparation, direct seeding/transplanting and fertilizer application for the second cropping were on-going.
  • Palay and corn harvesting was still visible in Negros Occidental.
  • Scattered planting and harvesting of sweet potato in the different municipalities of Guimaras were reported. Traditionally, massive planting of sweet potato starts in the last quarter of the year but because of the proposed camote exportation project, farmers were encouraged to plant earlier. It was observed that wider areas were planted to camote during the period.
  • In Iloilo, about 150 hectares of sugarcane farms were harvested for 2011 milling season. Likewise, about 3 hectares of pineapple were harvested in Passi City with a total production of 54 metric tons. Moreover, about 15 hectares of watermelon were harvested with an average yield of 20 metric tons per hectare.
  • Harvesting of sugarcane was going on to its peak season as all sugar mills started their milling operations for crop year 2011-2012.


  • About 60,000 head of broilers were harvested in Mina, Sta. Barbara and Maasin, Iloilo.


  • Supply of fish and marine products was stable in Aklan. The regular species sold were galunggong, tuna, bangus, bisugo, scads, skipjack and other in season species. Additional supplies came from neighboring provinces and through RORO.
  • About 8,200 kilograms of anchovies were unloaded in Sebaste Antique using beach siene.
  • Due to prevalence of inclement weather which posed threats to municipal fishermen of Capiz, few marine species were found in the markets. Most of fish supply came from aqua farms.
  • Volume of unloadings of fishery products increased in different municipal fish landing centers of Guimaras. Fishermen using filter nets (tangab) in Sibunag town reported abundant catch of fish species like slipmouth, sardines and anchovies. Fishermen in some parts of the province using hook and line also had abundant catch of fish like snapper (gingaw), barracuda (bansa) and grouper (lapu-lapu).
  • About 35 mt. of acetes (Alamang) and 20 mt. of anchovies were unloaded in Iloilo. For freshwater tilapia, about 1.50 hectares were harvested with production of 4 mt.. Moreover, about 94 hectares of bangus brackish fishpond were harvested with a total production of 47 mt. valued at P3,760,000.
  • In Negros Occidental, aquaculture species like bangus and tilapia slightly increased in supply due to more harvest brought by consumers preference of good quality bangus and tilapia.
  • In Sebaste, Antique, anchovies was sold at producers price of P15.00 per kilogram. Stable supply of leafy vegetables like camote, kangkong and gabi with stalks was noted.
  • In Guimaras, retail price of eggplant at the Jordan Food Terminal Market went down by P10.00 per kilogram this month because of abundant supply from Iloilo. On the other hand, those of tomato increased to P80.00 - P100.00 per kilogram from an average price of P50.00 per kilogram in the previous month. Bell pepper also increased in price at P160.00 - P200.00 per kilogram compared to last month's price of P120.00. The same was noted on finger pepper which price also moved up to P140.00 - P160.00 per kilogram against P100.00 per kilogram last month. Limited supply of these commodities was cited as the reason of price increments.
  • Buying price of dry yellow corn grain at the Sara Trading Center in Iloilo increased this month, it ranged from P12.00 - P13.00 per kilogram compared to last month's price of P11.30 - P12.20 per kilogram.
  • Price of fresh palay from the thresher still ranged from P12.00 - P14.00 per kilogram in Negros Occidental
  • The Rice Hybridization Program of Aklan Provincial Government was continuously implemented. Nabas and Ibajay are among the demo sites for compact farming under the program.
  • The rehabilitation of 200 meter Communal Irrigation System (CIS) in Sebaste, Antique was newly completed with an estimated irrigable area of 20 hectares with a total budget of P380,000.00 under the Balikatan Sagip Patubig Program (BSPP). Source of funds was from the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).
  • In Capiz, a group was formed to conduct inventory, inspection and evaluation of various equipments and projects granted by the government to farmer organizations and cooperatives through the OPAg and PAFC.
  • The Province of Guimaras was a recipient of several pre and post harvest facilities under the DA Mechanization Program. The Philippine Center for Post Harvest Development and Mechanization (PhilMech) through the Department of Agriculture (DA RFU VI) allocated 10 units hand tractor, 3 units portable thresher and 2 units flatbed dryers for farmer-cooperatives or organizations in the province. Under the On-Farm Mechanization Program is the provision of 10 units hand tractor and 3 units portable thresher with estimated cost of P130,000.00 per unit under the cost sharing arrangement of 85:15 percent. The DA will shoulder the cost of P110,500.00 and the proponent at P19,500.00.
  • For the hand tractors, the Governor of Guimaras committed to provide counterpart funding. For the Postharvet Mechanization Program, 2 flatbed dryers costing P670,000.00 per unit under the same scheme will be given to farmer associations in Salvacion, Nueva Valencia and Ayangan, Sibunag. These facilities which are funded by Philmech under the rice mechanization component of the National Rice Self-sufficiency Program of the government will hopefully increase yield and lessen post harvest losses of palay farmers.
  • In Iloilo, the on-going construction and improvement of the Oton Public Market with budget allocation of P15,800,800.00 was reported. Likewise, construction and rehabilitation of San Enrique Public Market were underway.
  • The Bacolod City Government in Negros Occidental. recently entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Vl for the installation of an artificial reef project along the coastal waters of Bacolod City. The project aimed at helping minimize active fishing operations to protect critical marine habitats and protect soft bottom communities. The artificial reef (concrete jackstone type) structures will serve as breeding/spawning, nursery and refugee ground of various marine fishes and thereby help increase its fish production.
  • The Negros Occidental Provincial Veterinary Office provided animal health extension and quarantine services to 69,019 farm animals to maintain herd management and prevent possible outbreak of animal diseases. These included vaccination, deworming, diagnostics, treatment, and castration. Animals were vaccinated for surra, hemosep, hog cholera, avian pest, fowl pox, and rabies.
    A P230,000.00-project on farm based probiotic swine raising for 30 household beneficiaries in Victorias City, Negros Occidental was implemented recently by the Office of the Provincial. Agriculturist. The science technology-based practice of swine raising does not use growth enhancers, toxin binders, and antibiotics but showcases profit in farming using low-cost technology. Commercial feeds are mixed with raw materials and malt waste of a brewery to create a new feed mixture. This will help them start their own livelihood and later become suppliers of meat and swine in local markets. This project is funded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Deparment of Science and Technology.
  • The Philippine Coconut Authority in Aklan reported the on-going mitigation and control of Brontispa infestation in selected municipalities through the use of parasitoids which feed the pupa of the Brontispa. Cacao intercropping and salt application to coconut areas are also among the programs being implemented by the agency.
  • The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian in San Remegio, Antique vaccinated 25 head of cattle, 11 head of carabao and 7 head of goat against Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HEMOSEP).
  • A one-day Presentation and Assessment of Municipal Protected Areas (MPAs) especially on Marine Sanctuary of Libertad, Pandan, Sebaste and Culasi, Antique was held at the Libertad Farmers Information and Technology Service Center (FITS) last November 3, 2011. This was attended by eight (8) Barangay Chairmen and eight (8) Barangay Kagawad, Chairman on Agriculture and was conducted by the Agricultural Technologist (AT) together with the United States of America- Peace Corps.
  • Thirteen (13) DA-LGU personnel of Cabatuan, Iloilo led by their Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO) attended a one-day training/workshop on How to Make Project Proposal Regarding Agriculture last November 19, 2011. The workshop was sponsored by the Department of Agriculture - Iloilo Provincial Office.
  • In Negros Occidental, 36 farmers in Barangay Agboy, Candoni graduated from the training on Field School for Rice Production using the Palay Check System by the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist. This consisted of certified seeds usage on a recommended variety, land preparation, practiced a synchronized planting after a fallow period, sufficient number of healthy seedlings and sufficient nutrients, right water management, pest management and timely harvest. This training hoped to improve the farmers' farming techniques and increase rice production.
  • Generally fair weather prevailed in the region during the month. Scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms were observed especially during afternoon to early morning. Light northeasterly wind prevailed and the coastal waters were generally calm to moderately rough at times.


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