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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report

MIMAROPA: August, 2011

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  • Harvesting of early planted palay was in progress in the southern part of Oriental Mindoro. Meanwhile, harvesting of rambutan, lanzones and durian started in the municipalities of San Teodoro, Baco and Victoria.
  • Additional 30 hectares were planted to abaca with in Brookes Point, Palawan. Farmers were encouraged to plant abaca due to good price and higher demand from Manila. FIDA personnel were encouraging more farmers to plant abaca due to promising good price and growing abaca industry.
  • Most palay farms in at Marinduque were on maturing stage. Harvesting of peanut, ampalaya, stringbeans, santol, avocado, pechay, green corn and squash was done in different municipalities.
  • In Romblon, palay was on reproductive stage and harvesting of green corn, vegetable, avocado and santol continued.
  • In Occidental Mindoro, 62,197 hectares of palay and 1,150 hectares of corn were already planted.
  • Supply of livestock products in Romblon both for local consumption and outside demand was adequate and more slaughtering was also noted due to scarcity of marine products. Trading of broiler and native chicken was widely observed as demand eventually increased.
  • There was adequate supply of fish and other marine products especially galunggong, alumahan, tulingan, tamban, squid, laguidlid, bisugo, yellowfin tuna and shrimps in Marinduque. Most supply came from Balanacan and Kawayan, Mogpog; Bunganay, Boac; Suha and Marlangga, Torrijos; Libas, Buenavista; Masaguisi and Ipil, Sta.Cruz.
  • On the contrary, very limited supply of marine products was noticed in Romblon and Mindoro Occidental because of bad weather condition and big waves caused by typhoon Mina.
  • Farmgate prices of purebred swine ranged from P90.00 to P100.00 per kilogram while native chicken were sold at P95.00 to P120.00 per kilogram liveweight in Marinduque.
    Prices of vegetables and marine fishes were quoted higher since there was low supply from local producers and frequent rough seas experienced in Oriental Mindoro. Prices of poultry and meat remained stable due to enough supply. Prices of fruits like rambutan, lanzones and durian ranged from P80.00 to 100.00 per kilogram.
  • In Palawan, adequate supply of commodities in the market of the different municipalities was noted. Some products were from nearby provinces but still prices were affordable to the consumers.
  • There was enough supply of meat, poultry and fishery products at the public markets in Marinduque. Prices of pork meat ranged from P170.00 to P180.00 per kilogram. Dressed chicken were sold at P140.00 to P160.00 per kilogram for broiler while native chicken ranges from P180.00 to P200.00 per kilogram.
  • In Romblon, most common species traded during the period were bangus and galunggong and were sold at P140.00 and P120.00 per kilogram, respectively. A downtrend was noted on the price of copra averaging P16.00 per kilogram.
  • Limited harvest of native pechay was seen in Occidental Mindoro, thus resulting in decreased deliveries at the retail markets. Price was quoted at P60.00 to P80.00 per kilogram compared to previous month's record of P45.00 to P55.00 per kilogram. High quotations for fish products were also noted during the later part of the month due to rough sea caused by typhoon Mina. Tulingan was retailed at P90.00 to P100.00 per kilogram compared to P70.00 to P80.00 per kilogram during the early part of the month.
  • In Oriental Mindoro, the Provincial Agriculture Office distributed vegetable seeds during the "Kapitolyo sa Mamayan" in Alcate, Victoria last August 4, 2011. The seeds included mustard, pechay, stringbeans, radish, tomato, and squash. Lagkitan corn was also dispersed in the municipalities of Bongabong and Naujan.
  • During the month, the Provincial Agriculture Office also conducted field inspection in organic rice demonstration areas and assessed the adaptation performance of "Basmate rice". The evaluation showed a good vegetative growing stage having an average of 12 tillers per hill. The said office was planning to recommend the variety for planting for the next season if it will give high yield this cropping season.
  • Still in Oriental Mindoro, the Provincial Agriculture Office visited and validated "Livelihood and Enhancement Agricultural Development (LEAD) project in the municipality of Mansalay. Goat Production Project was established in the said municipality with funding worth P177,900.00 or with 83 heads (55 does and 28 bucks). Some 28 RIC members were the beneficiaries of the project.
  • The Provincial Agriculture Office of Oriental Mindoro - Fishery Division and the LGU conducted seaborne patrol and surveillance at the municipal waters of Naujan. Unregistered boats were advised to register and secure permit. Schedule of registration was given to fisherfolk. They also conducted and facilitated Fishery Information Campaign in the municipality of Baco (Barangays Pambisan, Tabon Tabon, Mayagao and San Andres).
    Hog, goat and poultry dispersal was scheduled in Brooke's Point, Palawan through the aid of Senator Kiko Pangilinan and the initiative of the LGU. The said project worth P1M will be given to selected beneficiaries of the municipality after completing the required documents and selection process.
  • In Palawan, seaweed seedlings were dispersed in the municipalities of Cuyo and Magsaysay this second week of August 2011 with 6 mt. and 3 mt., respectively. The seaweed seedlings were dispersed together with materials like poly ethylene rope and soft tie to farmer-beneficiaries. Eleven (11) coastal barangays of Quezon, Palawan were engaged in seaweed farming with the help of DA-BFAR through seaweed seedlings dispersal in cooperation with DA-LGU. The said project aimed to uplift production of seaweed in the province and standard of living of the farmers as well.
  • In Oriental Mindoro, construction of the Provincial Pest Clinic Building was in progress. The objective of the project is to established pest clinic laboratory and to give further technical assistance to the farmers of the province.
    The rehabilitation of Malalong and Pulot Communal Irrigation System was being finalized at Sofronio Española, Palawan. The project costs P25M and expected to operate next month.
  • Repair and rehabilitation of lined canals in Magsaysay St. and Isok I, Boac and concreting of Lined Canal in Santol-Bangbangalon Provincial Road, concreting of roads in Bintakay, Mogpog farm to market road and Water Drainage Improvement and Safety Projects in Tampus-Daig-Maybo, Boac Provincial Road were reported in Marinduque.
  • Similarly, construction of the Mompong Yapang Bridge located at Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro amounting to P92,631.42 and implemented by DPWH Office was going on.
  • In Romblon, chemical spraying was conducted by PCA with the support of the provincial and municipal governments in two (2) barangays of Carmen and Sugod, San Agustin. About 400 young coconut trees were protected against Brontispa Longissima attack. At present only biological control was being undertaken. Treatments were stopped due to high costs of chemicals. To sustain biological control, the possibility of establishing a laboratory for propagation of brontispa-eradicating insects is now being studied. In Calatrava, some infected coconut trees showed chances of recovery. Early preventive measures successfully controlled Brontispa infestation in the island of Cocuera Island. In Agpudlos, San Andres, two (2) hectares were newly opened for arrowroot. Another two (2) hectares were also newly developed for pineapple production which commercially grown by PHILAGRIVEST FARM INC., which used organic farming for the production of vegetables, root crops, fruits and other crops. At the same time, reforestation was being done by encouraging outsiders to conduct group planting of high value fruit trees. It will provide employment to about 50 residents of the previously idle lands.
  • Training on Fish Post Harvest Technology was conducted by the Provincial Agriculture Office in Pasi, Socorro, Oriental Mindoro. There were 21 participants during the training. The trainors introduced eight (8) fish menus and lectures on good manufacturing, packaging and labeling. The fish processing project in the barangay started on August 10, 2011.
  • In Palawan, Production and Marketing Analysis Service (PMAS) was conducted in three (3) different sites. August 15, 2011 at Barangay Malcampo, Roxas, with 35 participants, August 17, 2011 at Poblacion, Brookes Point with 34 participants and August 19, 2011 at Quezon, Palawan with 30 participants. Commodities featured in this quarter were squash, ginger and goat. The said activity was conducted in coordination with LGU's and Office of the Municipal Agriculture. The PMAS Consultative Training Session was attended by Ms. Patro Caddarao and Ms. Visitacion F. Quintin from AMSAD's Marketing Studies and Dissemination Section (MSDS), Ms. Ligaya M. Lozano, RASO, Region IV-B with the PASO and staff of Palawan POC.
  • A Hog Raising Training was conducted at the Municipal Agriculture Office, Roxas, Palawan last August 11, 2011. The training was attended by 40 farmers from different barangays of Roxas, Palawan and sponsored by BMEG in coordination with DA-LGU and DA-PAES.
  • Vegetable Farming Seminar was conducted by East-West Seeds Company in Quezon, Palawan last August 18, 2011. It was attended by farmers from different barangays of the municipality. Farmers were taught on how to select good variety of vegetables suited for the area. The company also gave free seeds to participants who came in early.
  • In Marinduque, unveiling of the Centennial Historical Marker on the occasion of the Centennial Anniversary of the Establishment of the Station Balanacan, Datum Origin of the Luzon Datum of 1911 at Barangay. Hinanggayon, Mogpog was held last August 9, 2011. The occasion was participated in by the Municipal Mayor of Mogpog, Governor and Vice Governor, Deputy Administrator of (National Mapping & Resource Information Authority) NAMRIA , Exec. Dir. of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, DENR Regional Technical Director, Land Management Bureau Division Chief, PENRO, Geodetic Engineer.
  • The region experienced sunny to cloudy weather condition with isolated moderate to heavy rains in early morning, late afternoon and evening. On the last week of the month, intense southwest monsoon occurred due to typhoon Mina.
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